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Sell With Us

Thanks for your interest in selling clothing to Thrift Plus!  We look forward to seeing your items!  Here's a little info about our process:

Sellers can sell by mail. 

If interested in selling with us by mail, please send an email to or contact us, providing your first & last name, the number of items you have available for sale and your mailing address.  We will then provide you with shipping instructions.  You will be responsible for the costs associated with shipping your items to us.  We inspect all items upon receipt and then pay out for the items we buy along with a shipping credit of up to $10 via PayPal. 

We love new and/or excellent condition name brand items sizes 14-32. 

We don't require you to provide us with a list or pictures of what is being shipped but welcome you to do so if you are unsure if an item is desirable. Pictures can be sent to us via email.  We also have a form you can submit prior to sending items for a pre-review by our team.  This is not required but the pre-review process is designed as a way for sellers to feel more confident that the items you ship will be accepted. 

Brands we love.

Some of our favorite brands include:  Lane Bryant, Torrid, Avenue, Fashion to Figure, Forever 21 Plus, Cynthia Rowley and Michael Kors.  Please note that we do accept other brands, but in some instances the pay-out will be less than those for preferred brands.

We pay up to 40% of our estimated selling price.  

This generally will be between $3-7 for tops/pants/skirts and $5-10 for dresses and jackets.  The amount varies by brand, condition and style.  These ranges are for informational purposes only and quotes will be provided based upon the items we receive. 

Any items not accepted will be donated to charity unless otherwise requested by the seller.  

A shipping/handling fee will be charged for returns.