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About us

Who We Are:

Thrift Plus is the destination for plus size women who love fashion at affordable prices.  We buy, sell and love plus size clothing and look forward to serving you.  Please contact us to inquire about selling your excellent condition, name brand, plus size clothing. 

Our Mission:

So many women of all shapes and sizes have wardrobes that are a source of stress because the clothes don't fit, the styles don't flatter our bodies, nothing is comfortable or we don't know how to turn individual pieces into an outfit.

Our mission is to help you turn your closet into a happy place!  We strive to be your go-to source for selling the items that no longer work for you & purchasing what you love at a great price. 

A few helpful hints:

    1. There should be nothing in your closet that makes you feel bad about yourself.  If you don't love it, sell it!  It might just be the perfect piece for someone else.
    2. Everything should fit RIGHT NOW. Don't hold onto something just because it fit you 20 pounds ago and you hope to get there again someday. This will only do you harm in the meantime and when you DO reach that goal, you'll want something new (to you) anyway!
    3. Everything you own should make YOU feel your very best.  It's not about what's trendy, it's about what makes you feel like the beautiful woman you are.  
    4. Nothing should "break the bank".  Whether it's shopping on our site or finding sales at your favorite retailer, you do not have to spend a fortune to dress beautifully. 

How it Began:

Thrift Plus was founded by Miranda Schultz in September 2016 when her love of clothing, her need for more closet space, and her entrepreneurial spirit collided.  Miranda has what many would call an obsession with plus size fashion.  She lives with her husband, Kevin, in an apartment in New York with unfortunately small closets, so she is forced to edit her wardrobe regularly in order to make room for any new purchases.  One day, after a particularly large online shopping haul, she knew a closet clean-out was in order.  She decided to post a status update on Facebook asking if any of her friends would be interested in looking at her plus-size clothes before she sold them through other avenues. Within a matter of an hour, 30+ friends were asking for info.  Within a day, nearly all items were sold.

Miranda had several straight-size friends attempt to create similar Facebook clothing sales in the coming days, and they did not see the same level of interest that Miranda's sale had garnered.  She pondered why and realized that despite all of the improvements in the plus size fashion industry, plus size women still have fewer options for purchasing clothing than other demographics and we long for opportunities to expand our wardrobes at affordable prices.  

Thus, Thrift Plus was born. 

Where We Are:

We are an online only boutique at this time.  All items ship from New York or Kentucky. 

Contact Us:

You can always reach us at  

The Team:

Husband and wife duo, Miranda & Kevin Schultz, operate Thrift Plus.  Miranda manages the website, sources products and manages fulfillment.  Kevin is the product photographer and manages all things technical.  

Kevin & Miranda

 Photo Credit: Dustin Stevenson Photography


Your satisfaction is our #1 concern.  We make every effort to thoroughly review every item we list for defects, which are listed in the item description. In order to ensure an item fits, you are always welcome to contact us via email ( to request measurements prior to purchasing. If you receive an item that is not as described, contact us within seven days for a full refund.